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Holy Jim and Other Trails
by Terry Wilhelm


Terry Wilhelm's Holy Jim and Other Trails explores the poets love of the outdoors. These are poems that show how writing and nature can help someone reach higher levels of mindfulness and consciousness. Wilhelm takes the time to see the world around her and through her work, we get a sense of what matters in this world and what doesn't. That's the thing about venturing into nature and simply looking. Artifice is stripped away and all that is left is what is true. This poetry collection helps us to get to this place by reminding us of those journey that we have taken too. This is poetry of truth and that's the highest compliment I can pay poetry.
—John Brantingham, Inaugural Poet Laureate, Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park

When poets walk, their path is thick with rhythms others might not hear, with details the rest of us might not see, with sensations otherwise not felt. Terry Wilhelm has walked some difficult trails in her life, ascending challenging peaks and descending into arduous canyons. Her pilgrimages within are rich with meanings and music and dimensions both upwards and down. She dances along the ether through which the rest of us plod, as we struggle for breath just trying to keep up. Terry’s gift to us is to help us to see, and thus be.
—Kendall Johnson, author of Fireflies against Darkness (Arroyo Seco Press), Chaos & Ash (Pelekinesis), and Black Box Poetics (Bamboo Dart Press).

In Holy Jim and Other Trails, Terry Wilhelm takes us along with her on her hikes as she interweaves the inner world with the outer. We share in the quiet, the comfort, and the helpful, healing answers found only in the beauty and the peace of the natural world. As we hike these trails along with Terry, we recall our own journeys, alone or with others, but her rich, lush descriptions remind us that we are never truly alone when in nature.
—Syd Bartman, Professor of English at Mt. San Antonio College