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No One Saves You
by Kitty Anarchy


Kitty Anarchy's minimalist poems explode with meaning that goes so far beyond the text. I don't know how she does it. I'll be reading a poem and in two or three lines, she captures the nature of humanity or friendship or hope, and I'll be knocked out, and realize that she still has four more lines in the poem.These are not poems to read once or a collection to be read all in one sitting. These are to be savored and thought about and integrated into your own life. I've been reading her work for a few years now and waiting for the collection that I knew she had in her. This is it, capturing her wisdom beautifully.
—John Brantingham, Poet Laureate of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

No One Saves You is a beautifully odd gut punch collection of poems that knocks the wind out of the reader then—somehow magically—gives them breath. Kitty Anarchy holds nothing back in this collection; she mines personal trauma, polishing pain until it gleams and glints on the page. But these poems are not diamonds. No, they’re rarer than that. More honest in their shine. More raw. If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to lose your breath, only to find it again in the fist of poetry, then Kitty’s book is for you.
—Eric Morago, Author of What We Ache For and Feasting on Sky

In Kitty Anarchy's debut book, she weaves hard times into songs that deserve to be screamed into a microphone. But this book is also a trip to the thrift shop, going to shows and not, birthday cakes on the day someone precious died. The author dedicates the book to those who have been ignored and forgotten. Her poems refuse that gesture and instead remind us that we cannot keep “waiting/ for someone to/ come save” us. You have to save yourself.
—Vickie Vértiz, author of Palm Frond with Its Throat Cut